Aerial Infrared Surveys

Imagery from aerial infrared surveys can be used to solve a variety of issues regularly faced by large facilities, complexes, campuses, military bases, and even entire cities.These surveys provide valuable thermal data to decision makers for easier and more efficient asset management planning and predictive maintenance (PdM).

Why Choose Us?

  • Reports are created with high-angle straight down (NADIR) infrared images, capturing larger areas at once and making the imagery easier to analyze and the report less expensive to produce.
  • Images are captured in ‘plan view’, making the report clear, concise, and easy to understand.
  • We have become the number one infrared imagery company in the country through compiling state-of-the-art high-resolution infrared imagers, digital recording equipment, and techniques that have been refined for years.
  • We are determined to deliver the best product on the market, which has led to us performing numerous infrared thermographic surveys on systems and facilities for universities, cities and industrial clients nationwide.

How does it work?

We produce high quality digital, thermal and photographic ortho-rectified maps that can be added as layers to your existing CAD and GIS map systems. These maps will help you manage your facilities assets.

Our team flies over a given area with an infrared camera mounted, oriented looking straight down (NADIR) to the ground. We then store the digital IR imagery on a computer hard drive and later copy it to a convenient deliverable, such as a DVD.

The collected and post-processed imagery may then be modified in a number of ways to enhance its value to you, such as adjusting the brightness and contrast and/or zooming in on an area of interest. These processed images can be used to prepare predictive maintenance reports on the various systems.

The farther one can get from the subject of any imaging survey, while maintaining the resolution to achieve the needed image quality, the more useful the data becomes. This is the aerial advantage. But, one needs to obtain very high resolution imagery in order to survey large areas.

It is true that a picture is worth a thousand words; so get the big picture of your facilities and start speaking volumes about its condition.

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