Thermal MapIR™ Services

Our thermal mapping services can easily find issues that would otherwise go undetected, leading to large savings through predictive maintenance.

Steam Survey

Steam surveys provide an efficient and cost-effective way to spot steam leak issues, allowing for energy savings.

Roof Leak Survey

Roof surveys provide innovative methods for detecting hard-to-spot waterproofing problems for large facilities.

Liquid Leak Survey

Liquid Leak surveys provide a cost-effective way to identify and determine exact locations of pollutants from a variety of sources.

How Can Thermal Mapping Help You?

Our thermal mapping services provide high quality digital, thermal and photographic ortho-rectified maps that can be added as layers to your existing CAD and GIS map systems. These maps will help you manage your facilities assets.

Our team flies over a given area with an infrared camera mounted, oriented looking straight down (NADIR) to the ground. We then store the digital IR imagery on a computer hard drive and later copy it to a convenient deliverable, such as a DVD.

The collected and post-processed imagery may then be modified in a number of ways to enhance its value to you, such as adjusting the brightness and contrast and/or zooming in on an area of interest. These processed images can be used to prepare predictive maintenance reports on the various systems.

Thermal MapIR™ services are provided by our AITScan™ division.

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We have delivered state-of-the-art infrared (IR) thermographic imaging services and resources to customers since 1989.

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